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October 11 - 13


The Doer to Your Dreamer Summit, hosted by Nori Event Co., is for women service providers who are ready to elevate their brand awareness through achievable, action steps.

We’ve designed this summit to:


  • Educate women through value-packed and action-driven presentations

  • Empower women to put their goals and dreams first

  • Elevate their business by implementing the strategies learned

  • Engage with other women in attendance and leave with a new friend or two, a collaborator, or even a referral partner!


This three-day* virtual summit will feature 20+ sessions and daily live networking opportunities to act as the doer to your dreamer. 


When you leave this summit, our hope is you HAVE taken one step forward in building your brand awareness, whether that’s picking up an easy-to-implement sales & marketing strategy, identifying a new revenue stream for your business, getting a spark of inspiration, or making a new connection with someone who has been in your shoes. 

*All-Access Pass Members will have a fourth day of implementation and live Q&A with speakers


Let’s play a little (guessing) game to see

if this summit for you…

Were you thinking “Yes, that’s me!” to most of those statements?

If so, then the Doer to Your Dreamer Summit was designed for you! The woman who loves to dream up big ideas and think about the big picture vision for your business. The woman who isn’t quite ready to build a team and hire a doer (integrator) and still needs to wear all the hats while she elevates her brand awareness.


We’ve been serving women just like you…

We help other women service providers bring their vision to life by building brand awareness through virtual events. We know your struggles because our clients share them with us, which is why we designed this summit just for you. Think of the summit as the doer to your dreamer across these three days!

Educate. Empower. Elevate. Engage.

Summit Overview

20+ sessions + 18+ speakers + 3 days


DTYD Tracks.png

There will be endless opportunities to engage with other women and build long-standing relationships!


  • Online community for attendees

  • Live networking sessions 

  • Live speaker AMA (Ask Me Anything) panels

  • Plus…a pre-event virtual step challenge! (Yes, there will be individual and team prizes...we love a good competition!)



If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page…here’s our last message to you. 

Think of this summit as your permission slip. Permission to set your out of office as (insert something witty here). Permission to attend as many sessions as you want - live (we hope!) or on replay (we totally get it, we catch more than we’d like to admit on replay…thanks All-Access Pass 😉). Permission to ask the scary question and get the help you need. Permission to prioritize meeting other women just like you. Most importantly, permission to put yourself first


Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Jessica! An event planner, virtual project manager, lifelong learner, introvert, and the doer to my client’s dreamers (hence the name of this summit). I was first introduced to virtual summits in 2020 while still working a corporate position and in the early stages of building Nori Event Co. Since then, I have wanted nothing more than to host a virtual summit for business owners, and here we are two years later and the Doer to Your Dreamer Summit is coming to life! As an event planner, I love hosting events to educate and bring people together. My hope for this summit is you’re able to elevate your brand awareness and achieve your big dreams and goals by participating as an attendee, speaker, or partner!  

October 11 - 13


Still have questions?

  • What are the ticket options for the Doer to Your Dreamer Summit?
    Great question! We have two ticket options for the summit, a free ticket and a paid All-Access Pass.
  • How should I record my presentation?
    You have full control on your presentation format. We recommend presenting with a slide deck* and recording yourself talking through the slides. Canva, Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint are the common tools used for creating slide decks. You can record yourself in Zoom, Loom, or Streamyard. *Slide decks are included in the All-Access Pass and provide added value for attendees
  • How long should my presentation be?
    Presentations should be 25-35 minutes. Please stick to this time slot as the summit schedule is built around these times. For the full list of presentation guidelines, download the PDF below.
  • Am I allowed to promote an offer in my presentation?
    Yes, you may promote your free offer towards the conclusion of your presentation. This free offer must be the same one submitted through the speaker information form. Please keep the promotion to one slide and no more than two minutes.
  • Where do I submit my presentation?
    After uploading your presentation, slide deck, and worksheet (optional) to DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, and/or Vimeo, please submit our presentation here. Note: Please make sure the download permissions are turned on. This is the only way we’ll be able to download your presentation and supporting material(s).
  • When is my presentation due?
    Presentations are due no later than Sept. 9. If you unable to meet this deadline, please let us know immediately.
  • Is there a speaker agreement?
    Yes! You will receive a speaker agreement to sign and return once you officially come on board for the summit. A fully executed copy will be shared for your records.
  • Will I be “live” during the summit?
    The summit sessions will be pre-recorded (including the panels), so you won’t need to worry about speaking live. We do highly recommend joining the chat/comments and engaging with attendees who are watching your session live. We will be hosting two live sessions per day – one networking and one speaker AMA – and while these are optional, we hope you’ll participate!
  • How do I join the live chat to participate in my summit session?
    You will receive an email with your direct session link before the summit along with a reminder the day of your session.
  • What are the promotion requirements?
    Promotion is key for the success of any summit! While we do not require you to promote the summit, we do highly encourage you to share with your audience. The speakers who promote pre-summit via email and social media tend to maximize their experience – increased visibility & credibility, getting attendees on their email list, and generating passive income as an affiliate. We will provide materials (social media graphics and swipe copy) for you to promote leading up to the summit. If you decide to share about your summit session, the promotional period is Sept. 19 - Oct. 11.
  • Do you have an affiliate program for the Doer to Your Dreamer Summit?
    Yes! Sharing is caring :) We love it when other business owners want to help us spread the word about the summit! Once you submit your form for the affiliate program, we’ll provide promotional materials for you to help share about the summit. You’ll earn a 40% commission on any All-Access Passes purchased through your affiliate link. If you decide to contribute to the All-Access Pass, your affiliate commission will go up to 50%.
  • I still have questions. Who can I contact?
    We get it, we’re thorough in our research too! Send us an email at and our team will get back to you/will happily answer any questions you have.
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