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Create a world class 
event without the 
hassles of managing
all the details

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Most successful entrepreneurs know the fastest way to grow an engaged audience is by creating world-class events. But the problem is, events can no longer be replicated online as they were done in person AND the amount of work that goes into an event is enormous.


That’s why we developed a process to put your event into overdrive and create an experience your attendees won’t stop raving about! 


Experiences are EVERYTHING. Long gone are the days where attendees will show up to an “event.” You know the kind, the ones where the format stays the same year after year or the ones where the organizer tried to replicate the exact in-person format in a virtual environment. This doesn’t work. Virtual events need to be designed specifically for the online audience, with their experience at the forefront of the planning process. 


Designing a world class event with the attendee experience driving the decision making will benefit your company in ways you might not have imagined. 

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Build your reputation and credibility within the industry

Deliver your message and solution(s) to drive leads and revenue

Broaden your audience with increased accessibility compared to in-person events

Elevate the content with high-caliber speakers, which would increase attendance

Now that you know the benefits of virtual events for your company, are you ready to bring your event vision to life?

Jessica has an effective & efficient process for all projects she works on. If you allow her to be the expert that she is, direct the project as she sees fit and hit the necessary deadlines she proposes, you'll be extremely impressed with the outcome.

~ Danielle Chylinski ~

Founder, Chylinski Media LLC


What happens when you hire an event planner to develop and produce your virtual event?


  • They focus on ALL the details, so you can focus on driving the business forward. 

  • You get to be the lead in your own event experience. 

  • They take care of you, so you can take care of your clients. 

  • You can show up as your fullest, authentic self and directly engage with your clients because the details and event production are handled.


What happens when you don't hire an event planner to develop and produce your virtual event?


  • You get bogged down by the details (get in the weeds of the event) instead of focusing on your company’s strategic goals. 

  • You waste valuable time, energy, and financial resources to “do it on your own.”

  • You get overwhelmed by the entire process – timelines, set-up, run-throughs, speaker/vendor/attendee correspondence, and producing the entire event.

  • You are no longer the lead of your event experience and have limited (if any) interaction with your clients.

I feel like I was able to dump my brain and Jessica sorted it all out for me. She made everything in my head organized with action plans. I think often people don't move forward because they don't know where to begin. Nori Event Co helps put the pieces in place.

~ Sarah Nuse ~

CEO, Tippi Toes Dance

Day of Event Support

For those clients who have done all the

pre-planning and are looking for someone to execute the details on the day-of the event. 

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Guided Event Planning

For those clients who need someone to handle specific pieces of the event planning puzzle or someone to act as a thought partner and provide guidance.

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Full-Service Event Planning

For those clients who need someone to handle the entire A to Z event process. 

You provide the vision, we bring it to life. 


Jessica is the Founder and Owner of Nori Event Co. LLC, an event planning and virtual project management company. She focuses primarily on helping other small businesses provide memorable experiences for their clients through events and programs. Thanks to her valuable past experience at Hillerich & Bradsby, Disney Sports/ESPN Wide World of Sports, and Minor League Baseball headquarters, Jessica is able to help clients bring their vision to life and host innovative events and programs within their communities and various industries.

Jessica has been the go-to person to seamlessly plan and execute. Her keen attention to detail and emphasis on quality and timeliness ensures success in her endeavors, whether that’s planning and executing an event or putting a process in place to ensure future triumphs. Think of her as the “doer” to your “dreamer”, the person who loves all the details, researching new and better ways to execute and organizing your ideas into an actionable plan. 

Jessica received both her Master of Business Administration and Master of Sports Business Management from the University of Central Florida's DeVos Sport Business Management Program. She also has a Bachelor of Science with a triple major in entrepreneurship, marketing, and professional sales from Florida State University, where she was a softball student-athlete. In 2020, she earned a Digital Event Strategist certification from the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and a Virtual Fundraising Event Management Certificate from the Event Leadership Institute. 

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Jessica loves seeing the details and a great plan come to fruition, where others get to reap the benefits of an incredible experience regardless of the format.

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